Why Crone?


A number of people have commented about the negative image that the word “crone” brings to mind.

First I want to say that I love being a Crone.  Second, I chose the name  intuitively and very deliberately.

Long ago, when women held a place of honour in society, women of a certain age were referred to as crones.  Back then, Crone meant “wise woman” and it was known that women who had lived a number of decades had seen and lived through enough turmoil, joy, pain and grace, that they had words of wisdom and insight to offer the community.

Then, came the dark times when women were burnt at the stake for being witches:  women of intuition, of healing powers, of  ability to see beyond what we can touch.  As part of the concentrated effort to remove women from their feminine power, crone was appropriated by the evolving patriarchal society and  became an image of an old ugly hag.

Today, around the globe, women are reclaiming who they are as feminine messengers of power and truth, of wisdom and grace.  I love being a woman and being alive, here, now, at this time.

I am proud to be a Crone and yes I do crow about it.

Walk in Beauty,

Crowing Crone Joss

109 comments on “Why Crone?

  1. Strange, isn’t it, how the word ‘crone’ seems to have degenerated from a position of an earned respect and authority to mean little more than a decrepit hag?
    I’m happy with cronehood too.

  2. Thank you for following We Fall Laughing. Your blog is beautiful and I have enjoyed reading through it. I can’t wait for more.🙂

  3. Hi Joss! Today is my 50th birthday, so I guess that means I’m allowed to spend some time reading a crone blog, hee hee. More seriously, I think it’s great that you and others are proudly reclaiming the word! May you crow loud and long.

  4. I am impressed with the response you have received to your name. I go by the blog name of eight decades-does that tell much? Also I am one of the few gentlemen who responded to your name posting. I don’t feel that it is just a women thing but a human thing to achieve dignity with age, wisdom hopefully along with it. Most certainly it is a sign of the times to see the society re-awakining to a crone, and it is a sign of the times to see that so many don’t know this without a posting such as yours. I find the responses delightful, insightful, encouraging and taken to heart.
    Very nice profile statement.

    • Thank you for this lovely comment. We are reclaiming the Crone aspect of life. When I first started this blog, a number of people asked me why I would pick Crone as part of my name. Now people resonate with it so there’s a lovely evolution happening. And yes, men can see the wisdom in these years as well. It’s mostly women who follow my blog and mostly women that I follow too. I spent about an hour visiting your blog yesterday but couldn’t find how to leave comments.

      • Ah l see my comment button has disappeared. I think it is good when we reach enough years that we embrace them with joy. I think you site resonates with people because of that. As to mostly women that visit your site it seems to be across the blogging world that women do more writing and supporting of each other than the menfolk do. One of the differences in us all. Men talk about stuff and women talk to each other. No matter because there is quite a world of bloggers, as you also have discovered. I will check in again, and thank you for looking across my blog as well.

      • I think I have the comments thingy fixed, I did not even notice it was missing. Makes one wonder what else is or is not there. Guess I will have to visit my own site more often, thanks for the heads up on that.

          • Thank you, I did that, but the home page does not show it. My “blog-one page true tales” and Gallery do show it though.
            Perhaps is is in the way I have the pages set up.

          • Some of the postings show “Replies” and when you click on that the leave a comment appears after the last reply.
            I will have to go to the help section of wordpress I guess.

  5. Hello Joss… lovely to meet another crone… Yes we are back in full force… here on word press too… IAM sure we are going to enjoy each others journey into the unknown creating together a beautiful new world… Barbara

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  7. My apologies Joss for stepping back in time here on your beautiful blog.I just needed to say after reading this the first time. In all the time we have been blogging family I never questioned why Crone, I just somehow knew.
    Though it is wonderful to be validated in what I ‘thought’ knew.

    Someone recently said to me that it is not just that the chronological age, the number means little. It is much more about a state of being.
    I blissfully love that~ .
    Great spirited post my friend. ~

  8. Hello! I was sent your way by our mutual friend Stef at Smile, Kiddo. She thought we might hit it off like babes/crones in blog-land. I have very much enjoyed reading your ruminations on your land, untended – beautiful stuff. Thanks for the calming photos to go with my morning coffee.

  9. I love this. So much of our culture is obsessed with staying young. I have wondered why that is when we women have so much wisdom to offer.
    It’s so nice to meet you.🙂

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  11. From one ‘Crone’ to another ‘Crone’ I am pleased to meet you Joss, and after living over 5 Decades myself I think we are wise enough to know one Crone from another🙂
    What a Great Blog you have .. and just read about the Deer and the Sunflowers Beans and Soap.. Glad I dont have Deer even though it would be nice to see them here.. Our problem has been Pigeons… ate nearly every young cabbage leaf they could peck at..🙂 .. But hey… we planted some more ..
    And Loved your Paint Job on the stairs too.. Clever lady.. And I have done that trick.. Brush on the end of a broom handle works wonders especially when we Crones start to do our Magic around the house!
    Have a Great Day and I hope to see you around and about a Dreamwalkers Sanctuary now and again..

  12. Pleased to have my understanding of “crone” corrected. However, I’m more than a decade your senior and didn’t think I’d reached crone-dom yet. Guess I’m in denial.

  13. Hi Joss! I’ve been trying to email you about your Crone message group but it keeps coming back. I wonder how we can get round this? I trust it isn’t too late!🙂

  14. How beautiful! This place of blessed wisdom reminded me of a quote from one of Oprah’s LifeClass sessions, I wish I knew who said it, maybe Tony Robbins?…anyway it’s, “We all have tribal wisdom to pass along.” That was hugely empowering to me.

    I am grateful to have found your nurturing home for those with wisdom, and, for those who are seeking.

    Namaste. Wishing you only the best – today & always.

  15. From one crone to another, hi and I love your blog.
    I’ve carried the title Crone since I turned 50 and I’m proud to take my place among the wise women of the land.
    Do you read Sagewoman and Crone magazines?

  16. i just have just discovered your blog. thank you for this connection! your “small stones” set up a resonance in me, one musical instrument causing another to vibrate and hum. here’s my poem in return:

    small stones submerged
    beneath the swift clear water
    glimmer, shift, glamour and glint,
    bewitching the watching
    unchanging eye. sun or moon,
    wind or rain, the river remains.
    these days are my stones,
    water my time: i laid the riverbed,
    singing sign. i flow.
    i remember. i am more than this.
    so long as i weave this web of flesh,
    the watercourse way enchants,
    all streams arise from source,
    return to sea, however
    hidden the journey may be.
    this crone embraces the current,
    deep in the knowledge
    i am your love.

  17. What a wonderful blog you have here. I have to admit that I only knew the negative side of being a crone–no more! In fact, I’m a year older than you so maybe I qualify as one? I hope so!

  18. A beautiful word…crone. I embrace the image of wisdom from experience, rivers of wrinkles and the knowing that comes with age. Thank you for the positive reinforcement from crones everywhere!

  19. I am enjoying this Cross-Road as a Crone…
    so much have I uncluttered and now back to who I was long agao..
    the social mask just don’t matter anymore ..
    Crone is a an incredible adventure…
    I am glad I stumbled upn your blog…
    Beautiful and the feel is very real….

    Thank you …
    Take Care…


  20. I, too, am a joyful crone – this year I will turn 60. These are the best days of my life – I still have challenges and my path is not always smooth but I have six decades of life experience to help me get through. Thank heavens that I’ve discoveredlike-minded fellow bloggers, I have often felt alone

  21. Wow what a wonderful reminder!! When I left San Diego in 1999 I left behind my Circle where we celebrated all stages of womanhood. I always felt a special affinity for the Crone but could not imagine myself there- EVER. Now I am here in Portland Oregon with no circle (still looking) but have gracefully slipped int other honored position of Crone. I am 53 now and am looking forward to sharing with a Circle once again.
    I am so very happy to have found your blog and thank you for leaving a comment on my site.

    • thank you for visiting here. I too long to belong to a circle but have yet to find one out here on the East Coast of Canada. i left an amazing circle behind when we moved here four years ago and a big part of me longs to return. Welcome to my blog.

    • Oh, my dear, I hope you haven’t been adrift *in Portland* all that while!

      You may find more of ‘your people’ at Havi Brooks’ place: http://www.fluentself.com/about/
      She lives AND works in Portland, and every one I’ve ever connected with through her has been a gem! (She is, too!)

      Bright Blessings from another brand new Joss-reader🙂

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  23. I went to a wonderful women’s “spiral dance” recently where the “crones” were asked to come into the center to be honored by the younger women, and sung to with a beautiful chant….I had to think about that, but decided, although I’m 63, I don’t feel like I have the wisdom or steadiness of a crone…I have, however, experienced so much turmoil, joy, pain and grace…the 10,000 joys and sorrows…. so maybe I am…maybe so….
    you have a beautiful blog here.

  24. Hi,
    I have just found your blog,
    it’s beautiful,
    I love your posts,
    If you create a Crowing Crone Movement
    please may I join?
    I am almost 51😀

  25. Ah yes the Wiccan three phases of life, I myself am just shy of Crone. Meaning … Maiden, Old enough to know better, young enough to still stir it up and having the joy of finding ones true center.

    No matter the phase we are forever learning. Luckily in this day and age of the internet, we now have access to life teachers from all over the world.

    So Joss where shall we go today?

  26. Amazing…I really admire your attitude, and sense of pride in tradition. I was very moved by your words🙂 Looking forward to digging around in your blog for more pearls of wisdom.

  27. AWESOME. I do not even know what else to say, other than it is so cool that you have this blog and that you call yourself a Crone. I am only a fresh twenty-year-old, so I really haven’t earned that title yet, but it is amazing.😀 I actually didn’t think anything negative about it… but I did think “OOoh, witch,” in the back of my mind. Not that a Crone is a witch, but it is interesting that witches and such were involved in the story. I love the idea of “women of intuition, of healing powers, of ability to see beyond what we can touch.”

    There are many Crones in my life, and I love them all so much.🙂

  28. Hmm…. I had never taken the time to REALLY think about what a Crone meant. Yet, your explanation not only defines it for me, it makes me realize that the older we get, the more comfortable we as women become with who we really are. Excellent choice of name!

  29. hi, thanks for visiting lordflea recently. i too am crone. matter of fact i participated in a special ceremony where over 20 of us were “croned” all together, in a glorious tribute to this peaceful wisdom-stage of our lives. Thanks for all your thoughtful ideas. i look forward to spending more time here. love and Light from lordflea.com

    • That must have been an awesome experience . I thought about it when I turned 55 but didn’t know how to even begin setting that up – plus I probably lost courage about it, being an introvert and all! But i would love to create croning ceremonies for others. thanks for dropping by here sister-crone.

  30. hi, thanks for visiting lordflea recently. i too am crone. matter of fact i participated in a special ceremony where over 20 of us were “croned” all together, in a glorious tribute to this gloriously peaceful, wisdom-stage of our lives. Thanks for all your thoughtful ideas. i look forward to spending more time here. love and Light from lordflea.com

  31. Hey, Joss!🙂 LOVED the thought process behind your blogname! I turn 55 myself next year, and there are many many parts of Cronehood that I’m loving🙂 This really speaks to me and I’m SO looking forward to reading you!

    • thank you, thank you. I may start a Crowing Crone movement for women in their fifties and beyond. Just think, if we got together we could rock the world.

  32. I love the idea of affirming the value of being a crone, a wise woman! I wonder what the equivalent term would be for a man🙂 Let us crones embrace our roles as leaders in affirming the value and wisdom the years bestow on us!

  33. My ambition for years has to be a crone at Glastonbury Festivals!The crow is my familiar!Having had 4children,the eldest boy being disabled I knew any ambition I had would have to take 2nd place to being a Mother,but now my children are all adults,my oldest child receiving the specialist care he should have had years ago, I find myself reluctant to do anything for myself!Maybe it’s fear of failure,I dont know but I shall join your reading group-Reading writing but no arithmatics-and go from there,Thank you for listening x x

    • Dearest Carol, you have certainly had your share of a heavy load to carry on your journey. My oldest child suffers from schizophrenia so I do understand the pain and heartache that being a mother can bring. Perhaps you are not afraid of failure so much as unused to doing things for you. Think of all you have done in your mothering years and realize what a ‘success’ you are. I do hate to think of life in terms of success or failure, though , and rather as a journey.
      Crows are amazing which I’m sure you know. For example, they speak two languages – the ‘universal’ crow language and another language that is peculiar to their own family. If I can ‘listen’ more, don’t hesitate to say so. You are never alone and your journey unfolds as an awesome adventure, one step at a time.

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