Today I just want to gather all my blogging friends together and ask

how are you?

What’s happening in your life?

and say

Don’t be a stranger.

Whether we’ve met “in real life” or not, we know one another from years of interacting here, of hearing one another’s words, one another’s heart.

My life has been enriched by y’all. Just sayin’.

The older we get the more we say good bye!

forget me not 2

Forget-me -not spotted in woods

Farewell dear Viv

My heart is broken.


I was wearing the hat you knit for me on the day you died.  Like a blessing upon my head.

You will be missed, by so many. Your charm, your wit, that twinkle in your eye, your love of words, your open home….how can it be that you are gone now?  We’ll not raise that glass of champagne together next year as we thought.

Farewell my friend, farewell.


Mental Health Monday – a change of focus

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been toying with an idea or, perhaps more accurately an idea has been toying with me.

I have learned to pay attention – oh not always right away – to those ideas that nag and niggle and won’t go away. It’s one of the ways I take care of my mental health!

I mentioned the idea to a couple of friends who said “do it” and still I let the idea sit.  It’s a simple idea, nor particularly radical and yet it felt a bit uncomfortable to move forward with partly because I wasn’t sure of the forum.

This morning I read an article by Charles Eisenstein entitled Big Problems Need Small Solutions and I knew that this idea is my small solution!

I committed to blogging each day for one year and now I’ll be extending that for a year beginning today but not here.  Not on this blog.  I’m moving over to a blog I’m calling Daily Focus where I will be posting, each day, a prayer, a mantra, a meditation – a focus – for us to say, chant, sing, read in silence, read aloud – whatever suits.  It’s my way of gathering us together, for a daily moment of prayer. 

My small solution is encouraging people to take a moment to pray each day.  However prayer looks to you, I’m cool with.  It’s a uniting of our hearts, a raising up of our voices, a sending out of love, of hope, and a registering of our desire for healing, for change, for grace to sweep over our world.

If you’d like to join in, please connect to the new blog here (I’ve posted my prayer Gracias to get the blog started)  and yes, you’ll need to subscribe i.e. “Follow” that blog if you want to be a part of this new, this Daily Focus.  As my beloved friend Charlie used to say: “it’s an invitation, not an obligation”.

This blog here, will remain dormant for now.  Thank you to each of you who have been part of Crowing Crone’s journey.  She’s moving on, at least for twelve months.  She hopes you’ll come along.


Moments and Musings

Bits and pieces from recent, and not so recent, journal entries:

window creative 3-1

Fear is a sneaky bitch and she will keep showing up like a leech that sticks and sucks the life blood out of us.


Across the world, across the country, sometimes only a few miles apart
and yet we reach out and hold hands and join our words, our thoughts, our
dreams together and spin them all into a web of consciousness.


buttercup holds memories of childhood

The life you want becomes clearer as you move towards that part of it that is already clear to you.

This day is laid out before you
walk through it in beauty
seeing the good,
the perfect,
the holy in every being,
every leaf, every bird,
every blade of grass.
Walk in beauty this day.


Andes Mountains, Ecuador