NoCZ week seven

I’m sitting here chuckling.  I think back to the last week of December when I wanted to come up with a list, for the year, of all the things I would do to step out of my comfort zone.  I’m chuckling because this has become a voyage of discovery and each week I just know what the next step is.  Maybe there’s a life lesson here – that once we start on a road, we only need to take one step and the next step and the next step just happens!

I was really excited a few weeks ago when Indigo Spider announced she was going to create a virtual writer’s group and having just spent some time on the newly revamped site, I am so impressed with how it’s set up.  The ease of navigation is outstanding.  This place is going to rock!

I don’t know about any of you who are writers or maybe you think of yourself as “someone who writes” but, for me, I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss my writing.  Actually I’ve rarely had the opportunity to discuss the fact that I write, even, well, until I started blogging daily last year.  Could it be I’m “a bit” of an introvert?  Or as my BFF sometimes says “it wouldn’t take much for you to become a hermit Joss”.

So, how does all this tie into the No Comfort Zone Challenge?  Well, this week I am stepping out of my zone by writing fiction and, hold on to your hats, then I’m going to submit it to the writer’s group for critiquing. Phew.

Many years ago, in another life, I started writing a novel and the adrenaline surge while writing fiction pretty much scared me away from doing it again.  Once in a while, I’ve put my toe in the river, like when I posted The Lady and The Crone, but fiction is something I have very much steered away from. Till now!

walk in beauty!

25 comments on “NoCZ week seven

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  2. You are busting the comfort-zone bubble in so many ways Joss — admirable and inspiring. You will be a great addition to the group and no doubt your heart will shine through in your fiction as well!

    Oh, and don’t forget, you stepped through another comfort-zone when you chatted for a bit with us :-)

  3. Oh, that’s a wonderful, great step you’re about to take. I know how it feels, and I could easily become a hermit myself … were I to take such a step, I would quickly back into my shell again..

  4. Joss,

    What a wonderful challenge and in the end – you’ll lose nothing and gain everything! You’ve done the hard part already — made a public announcement and now … the rest is a breeze!

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