The wonder of reading blogs is that almost every day, you learn something, you are challenged, your heart is touched, your spirit blessed.  Feeling a bit down and discouraged for no apparent reason tonight, so it made me smile to read The Magic of Childhood Memories by Woman Wielding Words.  As I was leaving a comment, I found myself thinking of that wonderful, magical song by Anne Murray “Hippo in the Bathtub”.

Here’s  a link that will take you to a youtube recording of this fun filled song.  Enjoy, Smile, Walk in Beauty.


14 comments on “Magic

  1. We all have days/nights when we feel off/down/blue, and we don’t know why… I’m glad a friend in the blogosphere was able to buoy your spirits! :)

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  3. I’ve never heard this song by Anne Murray, but it was fun to listen to. Kids and magic just go together, don’t they?
    Thanks for sharing Joss!

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