It occurred to me today that there’s not much point in having a blog if once in a while you can’t rant a little bit. So…. there’s two things that have been on my mind lately and been annoying me. The first thing has to do with a series of webinars that I’ve been listening to. This is actually a really great series entitled Divine Feminine Entrepreneurship and I’ve really enjoyed listening to the webinars. I’ve taken a lot of notes and I’ve learned a lot. The part that bothers me is that in the two and half weeks that I have been listening to these all of a sudden, free webinars are popping out everywhere. It just seems that if one person has a good idea about something, within days a hundred people have grabbed the idea and run with it. I just wish someone could come up with a good idea, put it to use and the rest of the world would just let it be their idea for, you know, a day – a week – maybe even a month.  Let someone run with their own idea without copying it right left and center for goodness sakes.

And, am I the only one who’s tired of the two-minute miracle? You’ve seen them, a whole slew of advertisements for success in 2 minutes. Learn to meditate in 2 minutes a day. You can lose weight by exercising 2 minutes a day. You only need to sleep 2 minutes a day to do well  In 2 minutes a day we can teach you to handle stress. I haven’t checked but probably somewhere online someone is advertising the two-minute orgasm. Because, oh my goodness, there would be something really really wrong about making love for an hour or two hours when you could just do it all in 2 minutes. And meditation? Why sit in silence for 30 minutes?  Why have the benefit of quieting your mind, of listening, of being, for 30 minutes a day when in just 2 minutes a day you could have the same results. Those silly gurus and monks and people from all walks of life who meditate – some of them for an hour two hours a day –  why they’re just wasting their time ! Don’t they realize that in only two minutes a day you can have all the benefits of real meditation?

People!  The last thing we need in our stressed-out world is more speed. We don’t need to learn to do more things more quickly and we will not get better results by doing so. What we need to do is to slow down. To slow our thinking down. To slow our life down.  To walk through the day instead of running. To let our bodies be still instead of always having our heart pound because were walking and running and doing at breakneck speed. Pause. Breathe in, breathe out. Take time out – take it slow. Take it easy. Nothing worthwhile happens in two minutes. Take time to live.

(this post brought to you by my new software Dragon Naturally Speaking i.e. I dictated the post and the computer did the typing)

23 comments on “Ranting

  1. I wish I could do the things I HAVE to do in 2 minutes. Like clean the house, dry my hair, you know those kinds of things. Then there would be more minutes left in the day to write, to share coffee with a friend, walk an Inca trail, listen to a bird’s song. I would love to chat about Dragon naturally speaking and how it’s working for you! Abrazos.

    • I hear you. That was an old post! I love DNS. Once you train it to recognize your voice, I your speech patterns, it is about 95% accurate. It improves accuracy the more you use it. There is a learning curve, for sure but not a steep one.

  2. I dream of the day, I don’t have to wake up to the sounds of an alarm clock. I will enjoy my days by the sea, blogging and watching all the guys go by !! just thought I would throw that last tidbit in !!! :) Seriously, looking forward to the retirement years. For now, I’ll settle for just those little ahh! moments.

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  4. Isn’t there an old saying “nothing good comes easy”? I can’t bare any advert that promises me eternal/instant/immediate happiness or results in 3 easy steps. I totally agree with you, if you manage a blog then you deserve to have a full on rant when you need to!

  5. Ok! so what can we do in two minutes? An orgasm in 2 minutes, hmm I’d have to fake it – sorry it takes longer than that…but hey I’m a good faker. 2 minute meditation doesn’t work for me – I can’t relax in 2 minutes – The 2 minute syndrome comes from…oh my…it’s been said before…from watching too much television, where every problem, situation, etc. has to be settled or fixed within minutes – ever noticed that the crime is always solved in the last 2 minutes of the movie? By that time I’ve fallen asleep and it took me more than 2 minutes…good one my friend. Hugs.

  6. OMG you crack me up in the second paragraph of ranting!!! I LOVE it!! I have had 2 minute love making and believe you me it is not even worth the 2 minutes of effort – took me longer than that to get my clothes off!!! This is a world of instant gratification and like you, I am sick of it. Take the time to do things right in their own time. The only good thing that happens in 2 minutes is a 2 minute egg. Sheeesh. I had a dream/vision once where my angel said this to me (when I was feeling very impatient about something) “Everything happens in its own time or it doesn’t happen at all”. Aint that the truth. Great ranting post Joss!!!

  7. I’ve heard you ‘rant’ before. This is a tame one. One of the reasons I enjoy being retired is that I don’t have to work for an organization whose theme is “quicker, cheaper, better” – which it wasn’t. So, does your Dragon software, the one designed to make typing obsolete, get your message out faster? As far as the ‘message’ going viral, at this time of year, What Would Jesus Say about social media and spreading the ‘Good News’. Well, must get dressed and out the door. Two meetings today. Say hi to Christine. What time are you leaving on Wednesday?

    • heh heh Marnie. I’ve owned the Dragon software before. I mostly like it for creative writing. Because you can speak your thoughts which is very nice and then edit the typing. I find it to be a more creative process. We’ll be leaving at 8 tomorrow morning for Kentville.

    • you’re welcome Stacey. Another word I dislike is ‘multi-tasking’. We’ve somehow turned it into a success in life if you can do more than one thing at a time. So when do we ever savour what we are doing? When are we present in our own life?

  8. That’s a wonderful message, Joss. People in this day and age are far to rushed to appreciate people, things, and ideas. It’s about achieving this or achieving that, when the best thing to do is simply live, take each day as it comes, and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

  9. I’m hearing you Joss. Now do you feel better after that? It was a good read. We all need to ‘pause & reflect’ on a regular basis. AS you said……slow down…..there’s a time for speed and there’s a time for the ‘slow lane’.
    I’ve got 2 minute Noodles in the pantry….is this where the ‘2 minute’ thing came from?….rediculous isn’t it.

    Be good to yourself

    • Your life can totally change in two minutes. that I know. All the more reason to enjoy every moment and savour the taste of life! And, for that, two minutes just doesn’t cut it!

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