Sunday Stillness March 1st

My laptop has died so I have to carve out time on my sweetie’s………hence little blogging being done. My friend Ann has come to the rescue, though, offering for me to use hers when she is not. So…….I should be returning with more posts and also more visits to your blogs now.  Yay.

In the meantime, this is a shot I took while seeing Cuenca by tour bus. I played around with it a bit today just because, hey, give me a laptop and I can lose track of hours….days even!


Windows Warmth

Back in Canada under the cold moon


I find myself longing for the warm sunshine and colours of Cuenca, Ecuador. For now, this is the best I can do:


but I will return, to take more pics, to soak in more sunshine, to spend more time with friends. To make a nest for us.

In the meantime, I can sort through pictures and share more with you. Stay tuned for some great street art coming your way.


Amaru Zoologica (snake and spider warning)

Today we went to the zoo. I love the zoo and this one is exceptional.  It is not for the unfit however!  One of the comments on TripAdvisor is: “My hubby has been trying to get me to go for 3 years, but I dislike zoos. This is NOT a zoo, it is an animal rescue refuge. It was a beautiful hike …”

this one wiggly resixed

we got off to a bit of a wobbly start!  And just in case you were wondering:

zoo sign resized

This is the closest I’ve been to an Alpaca and I think I was more impressed with him that he was with me. Can you tell?

alpaca resized

We were a bit above the city and, as the day wore on, the altitude did get to me a little bit.

cuidad Cuenca resized

but it was worth every moment to see beauty such as this:

floral beauty Ecuador resized

and this endangered bear. This is the male, the female and cub – first ever to be born in captivity were kept separate.

nap time bear resized

That’s it Bert…I’m not speaking to you anymore….

not lookin at you resized

I apparently wandered into an area I shouldn’t have to get these pictures….accidentally, on purpose, perhaps.


parrot 2

Iguanas always remind me of wise wizards. Don’t know why.

iguana resized

and look at this serious face!

snake head 2 resized

The amphibian area is sponsored by the Philadelphia Zoo!

frog resized

We watched the Puma and a little one we could just barely spot, hidden in the brush, for a good half hour.

puma resized

and then there was pass out Pete from down the street!

pass out pete

The monkey area is very well designed and they live on a couple of islands without cages except for this tunnel made out of chicken wire that runs for probably a half mile around. This guy was just a hoot and followed us around, making faces and calling to us.

monkey tunnel 2 resized

The path has interesting spots for sure

zoo path resized

along with interesting plants

weird plant zoo resized

pretty little flowers

white flower zoo resized

and raptors

raptor 2 resized

and shy wolves, about the size of our foxes in Canada

shy wolves resized

And yes there was more…….but now it’s time for bed and you probably need a break as well.

thank you for walking beside me…hope you enjoyed this peek at a lovely spot here in Cuenca, Ecuador.






Inca Ruins

Today was a gorgeous day and we headed out of the city, by bus, to visit Ingapirca Archaelogical site, home of the Inca’s Temple of the Sun, storage chambers, observatories and roads.

I encourage you to click on the photos, especially the landscape ones, to see them in bigger size.  It’s worth the extra few seconds.

Let’s begin with the view from the bus window.  As much as I enjoy the old architecture of Cuenca, there are also some really neat modern building in southern Ecuador.

modern Ecuador

It was a 2 1/2 hour trip and I was glued to the bus  window the whole time.


One of the things I love about Ecuador is the colours!

bus window

everywhere you look, vibrant and rich.

countryside Ecuador

We arrived right around noon and it was very comfortable up there….we were at 3400 meters ( around 13000 feet above sea level).

That’s high folks.

Inca ruins temple

A beautiful temple built by the Incas.  The whole area was mostly for religious rituals and, in spite of all the years, the deaths, the theories and questions, there is a lovely peaceful feel about this area.

Inca sunset

On June 21st, each year, on what we call the Summer Solstice the light of the setting sun falls right across the top of this rock. Every year.

The view from the top of the temple has changed over the centuries but, somehow, I sense it has always been filled with life.

Inca ruins view

Of course, you knew I would find a door!  This was on a path we hiked  behind the temple area.

Inca path door

Flowers, with their gentle sway, always add a touch of beauty to any day. And these bloom in France as well.

Inca holly hocks

I rarely take pictures of people……just because….but this woman’s energy seems a lovely touch of grace on this day.

woman Ecuador

I leave you with this verse from an Inca prayer for Creating Sacred Space

Mother Earth, Pachamama, Tierra Madre
We celebrate all those that live within you, around you, and surrounding you
All of our relations
We thank you for sustaining us in all of our lifetimes
Sing to us, our original healed soul song
Teach us to remember who we are.

(you can read the entire prayer, which is quite beautiful, here)