The Body Knows

Joss aura

aura or migraine?

That picture is a “romanticized” version of how my head feels within minutes of eating meat lately.  I began to notice this 3-4 months ago.

For many years, throughout my teens, twenties and into my late thirties, I experienced what is known as Hemiplegic Migraines:  “…for people with hemiplegic migraine, muscle weakness and paralysis can be so pronounced and extreme that they cause a temporary stroke-like paralysis on one side of the body. This paralysis on one side of the body is called hemiplegia.”  Scary things but not fatal, and, over the years they lessened to the point where I might have one a year or even one every two years.

Back to a few month’s ago.  I began to notice having rather mild forms of these, usually at the table after eating a meal.  Fast forward to the past few weeks and I am noticing them, at the table, 2-3 times a week. And they seem to be getting worse.  So, paying marginal attention, I’m realizing they may be connected to meals that include meat of some kind, any kind, cooked in any variety of ways. Hmmmm.  Looking back over the years, I know that I felt the best and looked the best the five years, in my mid 30s, that I very strictly followed a vegetarian way of eating.

So I’m wondering if this is my body telling me it does not want to tolerate meat any more.  I’m going to abstain for 7 days and then eat a meal with meat and see what happens. If I have a migraine reaction, then and only then, I’m going to abstain for 14 days and then 21 days and if, all three times, I react with one of these migraines, after eating meat, I’m going to listen to my body and return to my vegetarian roots.  One thing I learned the hard way, years ago, is that if I ignore the whispering of my body, it will eventually stop me in my tracks. And the road back from that is a long, arduous one.


image from / questions you shouldn’t ask a vegetarian

Day 40

It’s been a gray cool day. This morning I was headachy and cold so I chose to spend the day in bed, or at least on the couch.  Late morning I discovered one of my favourite authors, J.D. Robb had a new book out so I downloaded it to my Kindle.  One of the things I like about Kindle is that I can highlight and save lines. I do that. They often have nothing to do with the story, really, but are words that speak to my heart.


From Robb, J. D. (2016-02-02). Brotherhood in Death Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. Here are the ones I highlighted today:

“Bright blessings on both of you, and safe travels wherever the path takes you.”

“Time doesn’t heal, whatever they say. It’s how we use the time that can heal.”

“He’s a fine young man, and one who loves you without restrictions. Finding a mate, a true one, is a rare and precious thing.”

Reading blesses me in so many ways and always has.


Computer Woes

It’s been three weeks since my laptop was fully functional – and yet there is a new lily blooming in the garden


Weeks of cursing Windows 10 which may be great, really, but not when it is sold installed on a laptop that was never meant to run it – and yet the morning glory says hello

garden 3

Placing your router on a column on the outside balcony seems to me to be an act of pure folly – and yet the blooms on this 16 foot tree continue to delight


Installing Norton antivirus for me even though you know I have a purchased copy of Norton 360 to install is an annoyance to me – and yet this tiny violet allowed herself to be found today

garden violet

This started out, as you might have guessed by the title, to be a bit of a rant and yet my philosophy has been and will continue to be: “if this is the worst thing that happens to me today I can consider myself greatly blessed”.

Sunday Stillness Feb 7th

What could be lovelier than to spend a few minutes, today, 4 minutes and 21 seconds to be exact watching a video of the “Spine of the South”.  This is a time lapse video of The Andes:   Travel the longest mountain range in the world, The Andes, via this time lapse compilation video by photographer Eric Hanson. Taking several hundred thousand photos during his seven month trip along South America’s Andean spine, Hanson captured some awe-inspiring skies and landscapes, from Ecuador to Patagonia: Spine of the South.

Here’s the link

and no the link will not take you to YouTube – I know some of you dislike that place!

What a beautiful section this is of our amazing planet.  (with special thanks to Zero Latitude Living Weekly )

To market, to market…

Up at 6 a.m. to go to market?  Yep.

The Mercado Orgánico is a popular place and if you don’t get there early, you miss out on things like $1.00 worth of organic tomatoes ( 2 lbs)


This was our first visit today and we will definitely be back.  It is an outdoor market, which I like and the vendors are regulars it seems.  We bought two kinds of Swiss chard, peas, fava beans, blackberries, red onions, oritos – little bananas, about 4 inches long and sweeter than the big boys –  and raw honey. Oh, and the ingredients for horchata lojana but that is a post for another day! Maybe tomorrow even.


Best part?  Being the coolest cat on the square with my hand-made market bag

market bag

This bag traveled all the way from California to Nova Scotia and then in my suitcase to Ecuador.  Made by a dear friend and all around amazing woman who has just this week launched her own website  called My Hope Totes.  Intriguing name?  You’ll want to read her story, trust me. Just head on over to her site and be sure to read her “about me” after you’ve looked through the pictures of her creations.

Janece ‘s bags are of exceptional quality: not only does she mix and match fabrics in a way that is a delight to the eyes but her seams are sure and true and the finished product is solid and durable as well as being a work of art.  Yep, I love mine and I use it a lot, whether taking it to the market, using it to deliver my laptop to the shop, carting books around or wool and a pattern and needles.  it just works!  And it’s washable! Bonus.