Something Different

Occasionally one should step out of one’s comfort zone, don’t you think?  So, if you’d like to read a piece, somewhat different from my usual fare, you might wander over to my other blog to check out Seduced by Love

Here’s the opening paragraphs, to give you a taste and help you decide:

Seduced by Love

I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but sometime in the past couple of weeks my amazing friend Jacqueline and I agreed we would share, each from our space on the topic of Seduced by Love. She was to go first and did so, yesterday on her beautiful blog.  You can find her post here and be warned, Jacqueline’s writing is powerful, moving and comes straight from her passionate, sensual soul.  She set the bar high and my response to her was that “I would limbo”.

I had no idea what I would write. Seduced by love doesn’t sound like a topic you would find me writing about, does it? Or does it?  As I’ve sat with this the past couple of weeks and especially after reading Jacqueline’s beautiful post I knew what my heart wanted to say. Somehow I wanted to express the love that blooms between us and the Divine, the love that SHE has for us, the love SHE longs to bathe us in.