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Crowing Crone:

I am in bed sick today. Just had a lovely bowl of soup brought to me by my sweetie – nurturing in action from him and my lovely friend Ann who made it. Am re blogging post from my other blog, on this Nurturing Thursday October 16th. It is about my book and feels fitting as the poems and prose within its cover are my gift of nurture to the world.

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If God Was a Woman…what would SHE look like, be like, feel like? This past winter, while staying in a wee house by the English Channel, between walks on the beach to breathe in the salt air, I was glued to my keyboard and my journal: writing like a mad woman. Because the image, the reality of God being feminine, female, woman was being birthed in my heart.

I grew up in a home filled with turmoil and the one place I could go where no one shouted at me or hit me was church each Sunday. We moved often, as in every five or six months, but no matter where we moved to, there was always a church of some kind, within walking distance. So I went, I sat, I sang, I soaked in the quietness, the peace. Did I have a relationship, an awareness of God during my…

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No regretting


seagull over English Channel
seagull over English Channel


Do not weep for me when I am gone
thinking, or saying “oh I should have…”
I am not worthy of regret
not that I don’t think I am special
but I would not want you to expend
one moment of your life’s energy
regretting things you did not do
words you did not speak.

Rather to rejoice in the moments
we spent together
the times we shared laughter
the days we walked together
and knew that life was good
because we had one another.

Smile for me and know
that always I held you in my heart
and nothing changes that.
Regret nothing of what we did not share
Hold within your heart
my kiss of blessing on your brow.

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty

Look out…

I often walk around the house, or even the outdoors singing and today’s song, which I heard maybe once many, many years ago sent me searching the web for a recording.   This was the best I could do.  It’s only a minute and a half long and quite a charming little song so I hope you’ll take time to listen to it.  The song is called

Look Out Your Window

and you can listen to it by clicking here

Looking out my window October 10, 2014
Looking out my window October 10, 2014

Nurturing Thursday October 10th

Since I was about 15 years old I have gathered quotes in notebooks, scrapbooks and journals and yes, I do go back and read them, actually fairly often.


Now, of course, I am able to gather quotes on my computer and often they are presented with images which makes them even lovelier

3 monkeys

So I continue to collect, sometimes by copying by hand, sometimes by simply saving

all teachers

always with joy in the words and thoughts expressed

be there nurturing thursday

I suppose I shall collect until my time here is done


It’s one of the ways I nurture myself and others.

(Nurturing Thursday belongs to Becca over at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea - a most delightful blog – and you might want to visit to find links to others who participate each week.)

A Writer’s Life

It pays to pause and look around at your life, once in a while.

Mine is charmed.  I get to be a writer living in a lovely home

fall 051

who sits at a comfortable desk

fall 053

where food is sometimes delivered

fall 014

and silent friends come for a wee visit

fall 011

When I need a break, I can grab a coffee and go for a stroll into the woods

fall 043

where fairies live

fall 032

and today, as icing on the cake, I got two glorious emails. One from the publisher to say that my If God Was a Woman book will be released in November and one from a reader friend who offered to read the first bit of a novel I started writing during NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago and am now getting back to.  Her comments  were music to my ears as she saw what I was hoping to convey with the story.  So, double affirmation with one visit to email. Oh yeah, a charmed life.

tree spirit jeanette

Nurturing Thursday October 2nd

Nurturing Thursday is the child of Becca over at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea.  Do drop by her delightful blog where you will find a list of others who participate in this week shot of nurture out into our world.

For some reason, since returning to Canada, I have been feeling rather disconnected.  it’s been wonderful to do some collaborative work with other creative people.  Recently I wrote a piece for an artist friend.  I posted this on my other blog but thought, since i have felt so nurtured through this experience, that it would be fitting to share it here today so, rather than re-blog, I have copied and pasted from there:


Tree Spirit

tree spirit jeanette

There are people who cross your path and whose creativity becomes a part of your own journey. Such has been the case with the gifted artist, Jeanette Amlie.  I am the proud home of one of Jeanette’s paintings although that painting is not the subject of today’s post.

Recently Jeanette posted a new painting on Facebook and offered for me to tell “her” story.  I have sat with this image for a couple of weeks now, allowing her presence to become part of my inner world, waiting for her to reveal to me who she is.  I humbly share my words along with Jeanette’s painting .

They think they know me
those who see me, all dressed up,
in my early Spring blossoms.
They come by to smell,
to take pictures,
to oooh and ahh and pose beside me.
Standing beneath my early growth
they exclaim and are convinced
they know my purpose.

They think they know me
those who notice me
covered in Summer’s greenery
They talk about me
as though I am not even here
while climbing my branches
they take no notice
of the scratches and scars
they leave behind.
They act as though I am here
for them, only for them
and they are sure I serve
their purpose.

They think they know me
and that I am thrilled to
have them praise my beauty
during the peak of Autumn
My colours enchant them and
each year they notice whether
the reds and oranges are deeper
or lighter than the year before
and they are sure I spread out
all of my glory to please them
that my purpose here is
to bless them at each turning
of the wheel.

They think they know me
and yet they turn away from
who I truly am
My strength and endurance
are of little interest to them
the twists and turns that
the winds have wrought mean
nothing in their world
When I am bowed down by rain
when hail beats upon my door
when illness comes
they are too busy to care for me
thinking always that I am
here for them
but only when it serves their purpose.

I am this
rooted in the dark damp soil
of HER creation
I am strong and supple
and every curve
every joint tells the story
of my being here
there have been times
of quick growth when
all the elements seemed
to celebrate my being here
and there have been the
dark times of storms
that whipped about my body
and caused me to tremble
at their passing

I am this
from blossom
to leaf
to wild colour
and being bare
I am one who stands
in praise of life
who watches over
those gifted to share
my space
I have been home
to many
I have fed the soil around
me with riches
with my blood
I have joined the choir song
of life and have listened to stories
while together we
marveled at moon and stars

If you want to know me
you too must learn
to be naked before HER

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty





She Who Walks in Beauty


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