Nurturing Thursday October 30th

Amazing things happen when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to be seen.  When we share some of the pain in our heart, in our life, things change.  I believe that. I know that.

This is an abbreviated version of something I posted, a few days ago,  on my FB page and in a couple of groups I belong to there:

I have a son who suffers from schizo-affective disorder. He lives on his own, in Toronto, and November 5 will be his 38th birthday. Sam has no one in his life there, other than his case worker, his housing worker, his psychiatrist and his family doctor. Those are the only adults he has conversation with.

His Dad has Alzheimers and Sam has not seen him, now, since April. It’s just not possible for his Dad to get out, across the city  to see him and Sam has no way to get out to see his Dad.

So, on his birthday, he will be alone and the only phone call, the only contact of any kind will be from me. If you felt so inclined, you could mail him a card or a note to wish him Happy Birthday. Alone is not a good place to be, especially on special days like your birthday or Thanksgiving, or Christmas or….

A note, even from a stranger, in the mail, saying “I am a friend of your mom and just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday.” You don’t have to buy a birthday card, because God knows the price of those is outrageous. Just a note card, a slip of paper to let him know someone out there, in the big wide world, is thinking of him.

This was an idea I had in the middle of the night as I thought of him and cried because, as you might imagine, this story has many layers of heart ache and grief. You don’t need to comment or report to me. If your heart is drawn to do this, then it is meant to be.

This might just be one of those middle of the night crazy ideas! (Please do not repost this) 

Something amazing has happened since this post.  The first wonderful thing is the number of women who said “yes, I will do this”.   And then…………..because when we generate positive, loving, energy out into the world, it changes things, it changes people… son got a phone call this morning and he is going to have lunch with his Dad on his birthday.  See what happened. We changed the dynamics.   You know how “they”,  how I say that what we do goes out across the web of life and impacts others?  well, yeah, it really does.

So, now we come to today, Nurturing Thursday.  I have a friend, who blogs – that’s how we connected – and then we connected on FB and then on Skype.  I love her dearly.  She is a wonderful, loving, inspiring woman.  And she is a great mom.

Her daughter, who is a single mom, with a fantabulous son, has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  See, how your heart just dropped, reading that?  Yeah…..this is scary stuff….AND we are not going to that place of horrible outcomes. No way, no how.  We, all of us who know, or know of this situation are going to do what happened this week with my son. We are going to change things, we are going to send out positive, loving, powerful energy into the web of life for Chelsea.

And here’s how….because just like the situation with Sam, it starts with actions, with us saying “I will” or “I can”.  Chelsea’s best friend has already but action into motion.  You have to forgive poor sentences and grammar in this post.  I am excited and emotional. It’s been that kind of a week.

So, yeah, Chelsea will need to take time off work for treatment – unpaid time. Her mom will need to take time off work to help – unpaid time. And trust me, when I tell you everyone involved is already doing everything they can to help. So……..going back to Chelsea’s best friend….she has set up an on-line fundraiser at “” How perfect is that for a site name?

And here’s what I think….if 200 people gave $10………..well wouldn’t meet the goal of $2000.00  Even I can do that math.  So whatever your heart leads you to do. Donating money, a bit or a lot….praying….sending strong healing energies…’s all going to impact the web of life.

Here’s the link…..and if you look, you won’t see my name listed amongst those who have contributed and not because I asked to be anonymous, which you can do. I’m waiting for my cc payment to go through and then I’m bouncing over there to help a bit.  Just sayin’

okay, so, like I said….here’s the link to Fight for Chelsea

I just want to celebrate

It’s been a fun day so far. First this showed up on my FB feed, available in December, and I will for sure be ordering one because THAT birthday arrives in May and, because, well life should be celebrated.

And then……….and then…….UPS rang the doorbell

book 002

So, I gotta tell you “I just want to celebrate”


You can pre-order the Ebook on amazon now or you can wait till November 1 and order a real life, hold in your hands copy!

I gotta tell you, my heart is beating double time right now.



celebrating woman

A bit of a different post today. A wee ceremony, or  time out, as we celebrate being woman (with apologies for the few men who follow the blog).

This is something I use in my mentoring times with women.  May it bless you.

Free image from Dreamstime #921563
Free image from Dreamstime #921563


We honour our being woman today.

Take a few moments, today, somewhere you feel best, feel most yourself. It can be the shower, the woods, flaked out on your favourite chair. Doesn’t matter, only matters it is one of those places where you feel most you and can be uninterrupted for a bit.

Take a few deep breaths, breathing all the way down to your vulva. Hold the breath there for the count of three and gently release it.

Now, on the next out breath, visualize a lovely light pink line from the point of your vulva, separating up towards both your ovaries, like the flowering of a lotus bloom.

See that lotus bloom as you breathe deeply and gently for a few minutes. Feel the bloom cradling your womb, the very center of being woman, of being Creator. (Whether we ever bear a child or not, woman is creator, and the womb is the heart of creation.)

Gently speak these words: “all that I am creates life. Every thought, every breath, every beat of my heart creates life. Today, just for today, may all I touch, all I speak, all that I am be one with SHE who is. Together may we love.”

Gently breathe in and out and when you’re ready, bring your hands together, between your breasts, in the form of a prayer, softly raise your eyes, your face upward and whisper “thank you”.

Nurturing Thursday October 23rd

I’ve had mixed ideas about a post for today. After yesterday’s events in our nation’s capital we were reminded, once again, how fragile life truly is and how, in a moment, we can be no more and leave behind those who loved us and even a country who mourns us.

the young man on the far left, Nathan Cirillo, was shot and killed yesterday
the young man on the far left, Nathan Cirillo, was shot and killed yesterday

There are things I want to say, none of which would be of much interest to anyone but myself or perhaps a few fellow Canadians.

Mostly I want us to:

keep our hearts open to all people, whatever their colour or creed, their religion, their sexual orientation, their manner of dress, their language or country of origin.  There is enough hatred, enough aggression, enough ignorance in our world, let’s please not add to it.

And could we please, each one, today or tomorrow, smile at someone who is different?  Just that.

We CAN nurture this world, this heartbroken, scared, sad world of ours.  We CAN.


(Nurturing Thursday is the child of Becca over at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea. Do go visit. You’ll find links to others who contribute. They each have much to say.)

How Many?

Yesterday my friend Stef from Three Daily Delights  asked “How many total photos did you take during your time abroad?”  I have wondered too so, this morning, I went and tallied them.  I would have guessed close to 50K and the count is 42,995!  I have probably deleted about 500 so far but, still, FORTY THREE THOUSAND pictures. Wow!  It’s gonna be a busy few months sorting through them all.

Fortunately I have them organized to match up with my daily log.


Even better, I can show my sweetie any random picture and ask “where is this?” and he KNOWS!  His visual recall is absolutely phenomenal.  I can’t tell you how many times we were on our way somewhere that he hadn’t been for, oh maybe 50 years and he would say something like “if I’m not mistaken, the road is going to veer left just up there and on the left hand side there is a house with a thatch roof” and sure enough!

more views of this house in a future post, I promise
more views of this house in a future post, I promise

Our year began in Paris, of course and these are from our first walk about the city.  A different set of pictures from my original post, the week we first arrived.  You can click here and go read that one if you’re curious!  More of a looking back, this is what I remember:

Hotel de ville
Hotel de ville

The architecture, the roof lines, the river of course!

Paris first day 5

Well known Paris joke:  What do the gendarmes call a body found in the seine river?  “une mise en scene”!  hah hah hah

Of course there is the familiar:

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

and even more familiar:

Paris first day 7

Beauty all around:

Paris first day 4

Paris first day 2

and the people

cartier latin,  Paris
cartier latin, Paris

One year later, our last day was also spent in Paris and still, the architecture is époustouflant!

Luxembourg garden, Paris
Luxembourg garden, Paris

and beauty still catches your eye everywhere you are.

Luxembourg gardens, Paris
Luxembourg gardens, Paris

I miss France – the history, the culture, the arts – the stones, the trees, the respect for those who liberated the country, the weather, and the breath taking beauty of cathedrals, of poppy fields, of vineyards.  Oh, and speaking of vineyards – the wine, yeah, I miss that too!

If God Was a Woman

Crowing Crone:

I am in bed sick today. Just had a lovely bowl of soup brought to me by my sweetie – nurturing in action from him and my lovely friend Ann who made it. Am re blogging post from my other blog, on this Nurturing Thursday October 16th. It is about my book and feels fitting as the poems and prose within its cover are my gift of nurture to the world.

Originally posted on If God Was a Woman:

If God Was a Woman…what would SHE look like, be like, feel like? This past winter, while staying in a wee house by the English Channel, between walks on the beach to breathe in the salt air, I was glued to my keyboard and my journal: writing like a mad woman. Because the image, the reality of God being feminine, female, woman was being birthed in my heart.

I grew up in a home filled with turmoil and the one place I could go where no one shouted at me or hit me was church each Sunday. We moved often, as in every five or six months, but no matter where we moved to, there was always a church of some kind, within walking distance. So I went, I sat, I sang, I soaked in the quietness, the peace. Did I have a relationship, an awareness of God during my…

View original 896 more words

No regretting


seagull over English Channel
seagull over English Channel


Do not weep for me when I am gone
thinking, or saying “oh I should have…”
I am not worthy of regret
not that I don’t think I am special
but I would not want you to expend
one moment of your life’s energy
regretting things you did not do
words you did not speak.

Rather to rejoice in the moments
we spent together
the times we shared laughter
the days we walked together
and knew that life was good
because we had one another.

Smile for me and know
that always I held you in my heart
and nothing changes that.
Regret nothing of what we did not share
Hold within your heart
my kiss of blessing on your brow.

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty

She Who Walks in Beauty


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