The Door

Old door in Salers, France

Old door in Salers, France

The door swings open
not into a room
closed in with walls
and ceiling overhead
but into a vast
expanse of all.
Enter at your risk
shyly or boldly
it does not matter.
Many hesitate
and remain
sitting on the ground
outsideadmiring the great
beauty of the door itself.
Those with a humble
seeking heart
walk forward
crossing the threshold
with expectation
with longing
and the flame
of creativity
the connection
to Creator
is fanned once again.

~Joss Burnel / She Who Walks in Beauty

(inspired by The Artist’s Rule / Christine Valters Paintner)

Sunday Stillness April 26th

From the heart of  Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes's photo.

Dear Brave Souls: I’ve just received news there was a huge 7.9 earthquake in the spiritual land of of Nepal, that the people near Kathmandu in particular, but also outlying settlements, are in need of our prayers. Many have died and many are still being recovered and many families and friends can not yet find each other, a terrible panic of heart and soul.

Many historic buildings have fallen down. Climbers on Everest say huge avalanches were unleashed and threatened lives entirely. In earthquakes from post-trauma on site, we know there will be many crushing injuries. Let us pray that all are found soon and alive and can be helped in every way.

Please join me in your own way of sending healing energy and strengthening fibers for the Nepalis to hold onto, across the world to the souls in need, that they be calmed and receive aid as quickly as possible, that they be comforted, and their children and families and friends and animals find each other very very soon.

I created this prayer hand writ here at my desk just now, and I will place it here for you in case you would like to ‘think it’ as prayer across the world to Nepal also– in case you would like to pray it too… or whichever prayers you feel called to…in whichever way. Intention is the entire point of prayer. Please join me in your own blessed way.

Prayer Flags Across the Sky
For Those in Need

We send to you
memory of Balance in all things,
even when everything
seems to have tilted
out of balance
for now.

We send the five silk prayer flags
flying across the world to you,
flying to every single person in need:
the flags, representing
our strongest prayers for
the calming of all the elements
both outside yourself
and inside your dearest self…

–the blue silk flag
we are sending through the sky to you,
for calming
of the sky and space
anywhere within or around you
and your loved ones.

–the white silk flag
we are sending through the sky to you,
for calming
of the air and the wind
anywhere within or around you
and your loved ones.

–the red silk flag
we are sending through the sky to you,
for calming
of all flame and fire
anywhere within or around you
and your loved ones.

–the green silk flag
we are sending through the sky to you
for calming
of all wet and water
anywhere within or around you
and your loved ones.
–the yellow silk flag
we are sending through the sky to you,
for calming
of all vital energies of the earth–
anywhere within or around you
and your loved ones.

We send across the sky
the soft silk
of the prayer flags,
for you to string
across the mountains
of your hearts…

that our prayers
protect you,
shelter and warm you,
reassure and calm you–

and that you be found
if you are missing,
that you be tended to
in effective ways
if you are in need,
that you be restored
to health and harmony

We lend you
our spirits’ energy
to add to yours,
to help you
pull all the five
holy elements
back to calm
and peace again
— for there is your strength
and there is our strength also:
for in mayhem or in harmony
we are all One.

May it be so
that you are helped and healed
and all those you love.
May it be so right now.
that you and they
be restored
in every way.
May it ever be so for you,
for all your loved ones,
and for us all.

Please lean on our prayers,
— and our prayer flags sent
across the sky for you…

and with love,
dr.e…….who loves that many of you will pray together for our brothers, sisters and creatures and land and water to be not afraid, to be given all resource and comfort.

The Way Out

When pain whispers
To you in the morning light
Awaken to your senses
Be present

When pain calls your name
In the noon day sun
Listen to the story you are telling
Be aware

When pain surprises you
On the dance floor
Moving faster will not
Stifle its beat
Be still

Pain will find you
And ask you to notice
To pay attention
To see within and without
And to choose you

In the dark of the night
When pain becomes your lover
Move deeper within
Do not tighten weak
And weary muscles
Trying to stand firm
Turning your body into
A stronghold with no way in
Or out
Move toward that which calls
Your name
Go deeper
The way out

~ Joss Burnel


This time

Each day
Brings its own
A list
You did
Not craft

Take a number
Or step away

Is it a favour
You seek
Or a promise
You feel
Should be kept
Above all?

It may not be
About you at all

She is doing
All that she
Without the weight
Of your
Unnecessary expectations

Take a number
Or step away

Eventually you will
Make it
To the head
Of the line
And may then find
Your need has passed

It was really
Not about you
This time

~ Joss Burnel


Was I here


Introduction to me

If I am only
Within myself
Who will know me
And was I here?

Only the human
Looks to others
For validation of presence
The buttercup just is